The 2010-11 Executive Board welcomes the Shabbat at the 2010 Region Conference

A Texas-sized Welcome to the Greater Southwest Region! GSW covers a huge territory spanning three states, but our hearts are close because together we all make Hadassah and our projects a priority in our lives. Our Web Site makes Hadassah more accessible with 'up to the minute' information for all members and we hope for interested prospective members. So keep checking back and keep sending your news to share. Please get excited and get active - it's the new face of Hadassah, stepping into the Information Age. Let us adapt to new communication forms. Come on in -- the Web is fine!


Thank you for your generosity and commitment as a Keeper of the Gate.  You keep saving lives and keep the land flourishing.  You keep educating young people here and in Israel.  The world is better, because of you and Hadassah. If you would like to make your Keepers of the Gate gift via Hadassah's website click -  Keepers of the Gate link

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